We strongly believe that a leather jacket is an investment to your closet. An investment for the life time ! So you want to make sure that your investment is protected and gives you the pleasure every time you wear it. So how do you protect it ? Please read below :

The answer lies in the Storage of the Leather Garment. It is important that you understand that Leather is a natural material. It deforms over your body when you're wearing it and same is true when you're NOT wearing it. Therefore if you store your apparel improperly it can become out of shape and may not give you the same appearance the first time you have worn it. 

We. Finest Leathers, understands this very well and that is why we provide a breathable bag and specially designed thick hanger with every purchase.

Read our blog here to see what happens when leather is not stored properly.

Step 1: Before you store your leather jacket, make sure its clean and free from dust. For minor cleaning, use oil based leather conditioning solvent. Do not use perchloroethylene. If there are any stains or strong odor, get that cleaned by professional leather cleaner who specializes in leather garments. Stains and spills left on a leather coat will oxidize, making them impossible to remove.

Step 2: Store leather coats/jackets in a well ventilated area. Hang your jacket using the hanger, like the one provided by us.

Step 3: Leather is a natural material and needs oxygen to live. Therefore, cover it nicely inside the breathable bag that was provided free of cost with your apparel.

*  Do not fold and stack