Meet the Artisans

Located in Katy, Texas, the Designer, with the years of experience in a Leather Tannery and Engineering background, first creates the apparel on paper by hand. He then drafts his work to generate a tech pack which is sent to factory in Karachi, Pakistan.

Leather TanneryThe factory works closely with tanneries to make sure the color, texture and tone of the desired leather jackets matches exactly with what is specified. 

In the meantime, Our experienced Pattern Master generates patterns for the required style and design.

Leather and linings are then cut by professional leather cutters using special cutters to maximize quality and reduce wastage. Leather cutting is a process that requires great precision and technique to reduce wastage and joints on an apparel.

Cut leathers are bundled together and organized carefully for every style. Leather jacket is then stitched and assembled. Hardwares and zippers are properly attached using special die sets.


Once the jacket is stitched, linings are then attached and finished with logo, our experienced inspector then performs quality control on every jacket to make sure it meets the requirement specified. The account manager then finally checks the apparel against the gold seal jacket made previously as a master product.

Jackets are then finally packaged and dispatched.