How to store a Real Leather Jacket

Ideally, Leather should be stored at room temperature and a humidity of 40 - 60 percent. 

Adequate air circulation is also very important, leather is a natural product and therefore needs air to breathe. Constant humidity or more than 70 %, a high ambient temperature and lack of air circulation will contribute to growth of fungi and bacteria.

Watch some terrible pictures here of Leather damage due to prolonged exposure to unfavorable conditions. Read full news here

It is also good for the leather to not to be in a direct sunlight. Leather products should also be well spaced out in the closet to ensure air circulation. 

We recommend to hang our jackets properly using specially designed thick hanger that we provide with every leather jacket for free. To protect from dust we also provide a Breathable coat Bag for free. Your leather jacket is an investment and we want to protect them so you can enjoy wearing them every time you take it off the closet.

Another method that my wife has found very useful is to leave the jacket simply on the mannequin. I think personally this is the best investment again to protect your leather jacket and always keep the jacket firm and soft without any crease.

When moving with luggage, again it is advised to keep the jacket on the hanger and use a portable wardrobe that is easily available at any moving company store. If you must store your jacket for long term, we suggest watching a separate video on how to fold your leather jacket properly for storage. Stay Tuned !!  

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