How to buy a Leather Jacket

A Leather Jacket is an essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe that is timeless and you can wear it on any occasions. I always get this question on how to buy a leather jacket especially if you’re buying for the first time - you go to the nearest mall in town and find tons of leather jackets starting from $300 to $2000 or even higher. It’s great that you have such a big range of price within you can shop around but at the same time this could be very overwhelming for a newbie.

Here I am going to summarize what to look for when buying a leather jacket. 


A well designed leather jacket will snug on your body and hug your armpits yet feels very comfortable. Remember to zip it all the way up or button before you try. Another thing to remember is wear the same inner layers when you go out to buy. For example if you would be wearing this jacket on a T-Shirt only then try this leather jacket wearing only the T-Shirt not with another layer of hoodie. 

A real leather jacket will mould to your body with time so do not try to keep extra room to your body when trying out. 




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