Taking Care of Fur

Raccoon Fur

Gasoline WindChill Style comes with a 100% Natural Raccoon fur which is the most luxurious fur in the industry due to its extra fluffiness and black tips. Since this is a natural material, it needs low maintenance but proper care and handling will give your jackets a fresh and vibrant look everyday. Please read below on how to take care of your beautiful fur:

  • The fur may look pressed the very first time when you receive it due to packaging. Use a hair dryer to blow only with cold air to make it super fluffy again.
  • There may be some hair pieces falling off during initial usage. This is due to the cutting process used during production. Gently shake the fur to get rid of all the falling hairs.
  • Furs can be washed when needed. Unzip fur from the hood before you wash.
  • Add a capful of Wool & Cashmere shampoo in cold water in a sink or container. Hand wash gently and then rinse with cold water. Do not wring. Hang in a well ventilated place to let it air dry naturally. Do not expose to sun.

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