When were Trench Coats Invented?

The trench coat, an iconic symbol for generations, its timeless charm begs questions regarding when exactly its creation came into human fashion history. This blog post will discuss “When were trench coats invented”, and its mysterious origins through an expansive narrative comprised of military practicality, technological innovations, and cinematic glamour - which provide clues as to its mysterious beginnings.

When were Trench Coats Invented

Early Drizzles: Paving the Way for Trenchworks

Outerwear Landscape Waterproof outerwear in the early 19th-Century was often cumbersome and uncomfortable; Charles Macintosh's 1823 invention, the rubberized "macks," provided protection yet earned notoriety for being excessively hot and malodorous; simultaneously British military forces embroiled in trench warfare sought garments which seamlessly combined functionality and weather resistance into one garment.

Challengers of Burberry and Aquascutum Join Force

Thomas Burberry Revolutionized Gabardine

In 1879, Thomas Burberry revolutionized fashion when he introduced gabardine fabric made from tightly spun yarn treated with lanolin to provide water resistance while maintaining breathability. Burberry later submitted his gabardine design for a weatherproof officer coat to the War Office for approval in 1901; its features such as a double-breasted silhouette, epaulettes and storm flap define today's trench coat designs.

Aquascutum Stakes Claim in Trench Coat History

Established in 1853, Aquascutum asserts its claim on trench coat history. Their groundbreaking development of "proofed cloth," an anti-water fabric developed specifically by them led them to supply coats to British military forces throughout the 19th Century; thus serving as precursors of today's trench coat era. Their 1894 creation "Officer's Coat" acts as proof.

The Great War and the Development of Trench Coats

When were trench coats invented? While its exact origin remains hazy, World War I played an instrumental role in popularizing trench coats as we know them today. Due to the impracticality of traditional long wool greatcoats in trench warfare conditions, suppliers like Burberry and Aquascutum developed adaptations specifically tailored for British army use such as detachable wool liners with adjustable belts for better mobility, as well as capacious pockets to store ammunition for soldiers serving abroad. 

World War I marked a transformative phase for leather trench coats during which features such as detachable wool liners with adjustable belts made them indispensable during World War One's dawn of history era.

The Trench Coat's Wartime Symbolism

The Trench Coat's Wartime Symbolism

The Trench Coat's Wartime Symbolism Due to its combination of practicality and comfort, the trench coat quickly became an icon for soldiers battling both nature and adversaries during World War 1. Earning its fame during battleground conditions along the Western Front, this garment symbolized wartime ingenuity as an icon of resilience and resourcefulness during combat operations.

From Battlefield to Boulevard: Civilian Adoption

Postwar, trench coats were quickly adopted into civilian fashion culture after World War II. Returning soldiers, sporting their practical yet stylish military coats into civilian culture. Hollywood further cemented this status; Humphrey Bogart wearing his trench coat in Casablanca symbolising hard-boiled detective roles while Audrey Hepburn's timeless version in Breakfast at Tiffany's added sophistication and class to it all.

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Leather Takes Centre Stage in Trench Development

Adaptability as a Determining Characteristic

A key aspect of the trench coat's history has been its adaptability: over its evolution, it has undergone various iterations using different fabrics, colours and lengths - leather emerging as one luxurious yet practical alternative to consider when styling one up for everyday life.

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