How to wear a trench coat?

Timeless Trench was and still is an integral part of every wardrobe. Boasting timeless sophistication and adaptability, its iconic form fits easily into casual as well as formal settings - mastering trench coat styling can bring timeless elegance into your ensemble! But how to wear a trench coat?

The History of Trench Coat

The History of Trench Coat

Originating in the early 20th century, trench coats began their journey as functional garments designed for British soldiers during World War I. Crafted of waterproof gabardine fabric with double-breast closure and signature belt detailing, trench coats are protected from elements while adding style and formality to military garb. After World War I they seamlessly transitioned into civilian fashion as symbols of sophistication and timeless elegance.

Key Elements of a Classic Trench Coat

An iconic trench coat's timeless appeal and versatility depend on several essential components:

1. Gabardine Fabric

Gabardine fabric, famously seen on trench coats, is revered for its water-resistant properties, lightweight composition, and resistance to wrinkles - qualities which make it both a durable and practical choice suitable for various events and circumstances.

2. Double-Bristled Closure

Double-breasted closure and distinctive belt add an air of style, as well as provide an adjustable fit that emphasizes a tailored silhouette. These design features are hallmarks of trench coats' timeless aesthetic.

3. Epaulets

Epaulettes add another element of military flair and tradition to your trench coat, adding another touch of military style and increasing its aesthetic appeal. These embellishments complete your trench coat's aesthetic appeal and further its legacy.

4. D-Rings

D-rings were originally developed as military equipment mounting points; now, however, they add both functionality and style to trench coats as decorative features. Their dual purpose of attaching equipment and adding style gives these D-rings their signature appearance on garments of this sort.

5. Belt

Situated at the waist, belts provide versatility to create tailored or casual looks depending on how tight or loose they are tightened; not only are these functional elements but they add variety when styling a trench coat!

Easy Trench Coat Ensembles: A Styling Guide

How to wear a trench coat? The Leather trench coat, an iconic garment with endless styling possibilities, offers something suitable for both formal and casual settings. Follow these helpful hints on incorporating this timeless garment seamlessly into your wardrobe:

Formal Look

For maximum sophistication, combine your trench coat with a white blouse, tailored trousers and elegant footwear like loafers or brogues; accessorize further by including accessories like a scarf and hat for an added layer of distinction.

Casual Vibe

Give casual clothing some trench coat flair by pairing it with a T-shirt, jeans and either sneakers or ankle boots for casual events. For added Parisian chicness try layering a striped shirt beneath an ensemble such as a sweater or turtleneck sweater for additional dimension.

Accessories Play an Essential Role in Enhancing Trench Coat Style

Accessories can play an instrumental part in elevating trench coat fashion. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to exude effortless chic or layer a scarf for warmth and visual interest; for an official touch add gloves along with your handbag for formality.

Tailoring Trench Coats to Different Body Types

No matter your body type, tailoring a trench coat enhances its flattering appeal. Petite frames should opt for shorter-length trenches that sit just above their knees while those with longer silhouettes could add length by opting for longer trenches.

Leather Trench Coats: Blending Edginess with Elegance

The classic trench coat has had numerous incarnations in its hundred year reign, with designers imbuing their versions with slight tweaks that accommodate fluctuating demands and inclinations. One especially captivating iteration of this timeless garment is the leather trench coat's contemporary touch: elegant design meets timeless appeal in perfect harmony.

FinestLeathers provides an expansive collection of leather trench coats in various styles and colours for you to select. Each design displays superior leather craftsmanship for luxurious construction that ensures lasting enjoyment and an impeccable feel.

Bring leather trench coats into your wardrobe using these style inspirations:

  • Modern and Edgy Look: Create a balanced look by combining leather with an elegant black dress, tailored trousers and silk blouse or statement jewellery paired with ankle boots to achieve glam rock style.
  • Rock and Roll Cool: As a symbol of the iconic rock n’ roll look, wear an extra-added-on leather trench coat over either another layer of rock influence, such as a biker jacket in leather or a graphic Tee with jeans. Add some chunky boots for edginess along with aviator sunglasses too.
  • Timeless Casual Classic: Give the simplistic looks a touch of elegance and modernity by combining them with a basic white T-shirt, dark wash jeans and sneakers. 

Investment In Quality Leather Trench Coats

how to wear a trench coat

As with its classic counterparts, purchasing a quality leather trench coat is an investment worth making. Make sure it features top-grain leather craftsmanship for optimal results; FinestLeathers boasts an expansive collection of such coats to meet individual preferences and needs.

FinestLeathers has generated much excitement with the announcement of our New Arrival Leather Jacket and Trench Coat collection! Ranging from classic double-breasted designs to contemporary cropped styles, our assortment offers something suitable for diverse wardrobes and personal styles alike!

Final Thoughts

How to wear a trench coat? The trench coat, an indispensable fashion cornerstone, stands the test of time and season. Boasting its versatility and timeless elegance while instantly upgrading any ensemble, its transformative power makes the trench coat an indispensable wardrobe essential. No matter if it is for formal aesthetic or casual demeanour attire - its adaptable nature ensures seamless integration into personal styles!

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