How to Store Leather Coats?

A leather coat, a symbol of its time, has always been part of a good wardrobe. Such coats serve fashion purposes, yet they are strong and may remain functional for years. Nevertheless, you should do everything possible to protect your leather jacket and ensure it lasts longer. In this way, you will be guaranteed that it is serviceable through many winter seasons. This blog post will focus on how to store leather coats!

How to Store Leather Coats?

Preparation Before Storage

1. Cleanse

Always remember to clean your garments before putting them away for storage, as this dirt and grime can damage the coat later on. Go for an ultra-sensitive leather detergent that suits the coat’s material. Do not use aggressive detergents and abrasives. They are damaging to weak fibers of leather.

2. Wipe Out Dirt

You can use soft, damp cloths for a leather coat with dust or dirt gathered. Therefore, one should not overly rub the fabric since it might remove its natural oils. The exposure of the material to humidity may cause it to harden over a long period, resulting in dryness and breakage of the leather. Consequently, one should be extra careful while washing or handling this garment.

3. Dry Clean

Choose professional dry-cleaning services to ensure that the stain has completely been removed from your garment. Using this way of washing, all dust residues and remains left after your routine laundry will be removed, and your clothes will appear new. Thus, opting for professional dry cleaning as an alternative would be of benefit because it will retain the quality of your outfit and prolong its life span.

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Protecting Your Leather Coat

The major reason for learning how to store leather coats is to protect them! 

1. No Exposure

To ensure your coat stays in great form, one must maintain it effectively. A protective storage cover is another important aspect of maintaining leather coats. Leather is a soft fabric that spoils quickly from dust, dirt, and moisture. These elements can damage the fabric by causing it to lose its suppleness and natural oils, leading to cracks, discoloration, and, eventually, the breakdown of quality. Hence, keeping the garments in a protective cover is important to shield them from destructive outside factors.

2. Plastic Cover

If you have a leather coat and want to maintain its top-quality look, select the appropriate type of cover. Plastic covers appear convenient, but they cause more damage than benefit. Plastic is non-breathable. Thus, moisture may be trapped against it and will eventually cause damage to the leather if it dries out. Therefore, a lightweight cotton garment bag should be used to avoid this. It ensures a free air flow around the coat, thus keeping it dry for a period.

3. Stuffing

Numerous steps should be taken to preserve your leather coat's durability and original condition while it's in storage. Additionally, be cautious about how it's hung, as improper hanging might cause creases and folds on the material. To maintain its shape, gently wrap the coat in unbleached paper or clean towels. This method prevents deformation and reduces the likelihood of the leather aging with cracks and damage over time. 

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Proper Storage Practices

1. Hanging

Use a wide-shouldered hanger that is not too tight or too large for your coat. Putting the bag in direct sunlight or near hot objects will also ruin the fabric.

2. Avoid Wet Environments

Hang the overcoat in a dry area with good aeration but far away from a wet or damp place. This leads to leather cracking and rotting due to direct exposure to moisture.

3. Ideal Temperature

Ensure you set a medium temperature in your storage room and avoid excess hot or cold temperatures. The leather will become weak due to extreme temperature, making it warp or lose its natural flexibility.

4. Protect from Pests

Pest does not damage your leather coat when stored in a clean place. Cedar blocks and scented sachets could be used as repellants for those worried about pests.

Additional Tips for Leather Coat Restoration

How to restore leather coat!

  1. Leather Conditioning: Regularly condition your leather coat to maintain its suppleness and prevent it from drying out. Use a conditioner specifically designed for the fabric your coat is made from.
  2. Protect from Sharp Objects: Avoid storing your overcoat in the same space as sharp objects, as these can scratch or damage the delicate leather surface.
  3. Professional Restoration: Consider professional restoration services if your garment experiences significant damage or wear. Experienced leather restoration experts can repair cracks, tears, and fading, extending the life of your coat.

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How to store leather coats? - Your garments should be stored properly to maintain their beauty and durability. Therefore, by adhering to these simple rules, you will never go wrong when purchasing a quality coat. Always try preventive measures rather than curative ones. Therefore, be careful when handling leather coats to ensure longevity in their usability.

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