How Much Should A Real Leather Jacket Cost

Are you looking for the best quality leather jacket which is cheap?

Well...unfortunately the answer is not very straight forward and I will try my best to explain the factors that can help understand why !

Most of us know that leather is a natural material which is not ready to use in its original or raw form when it is extracted from animals. It goes through number of processes - from removal of hairs on the skin, tanning, drying etc. These processes involve using special chemical treatment and technique to achieve the final grade of leather.  Having worked very closely in a leather tannery, I have witnessed how every process was carried out to achieve the desired leather quality. Because of these countless hours of manpower and special processes, the final product turns out to be a little expensive than fake leather which is simply a plastic coating on a piece of cloth. Yes, thats true..and because fake leather is simply a coated material, it cannot provide the same level of protection and warmth that a genuine leather would.

After all, why would God create animals with such a beautiful and rugged natural layer of protection. Simply because the nature just cannot be defeated. See it yourself in the picture below:

Fake Leather Jacket
Fig.1. Fake Leather Jacket after one year of storage
Real Leather Jacket
Fig.2. Genuine Leather Jacket after one year of storage

So in a nutshell, a cheap leather jacket cannot be of best quality and the best quality leather jacket cannot be cheap. And even if you find one, that may not be a REAL/GENUINE leather jacket. So does it sound confusing? I hope not..

So now the question is how much should a real leather jacket cost. A Real or Genuine Leather Jacket can cost you anywhere from $300 to $2000 or more, depending on the quality and origin of leather hide and the brand popularity. But remember, expensive is not always the best. Plus, Price and Quality don't always correlate !! In fact the world's most expensive and high-end Purse Brand does not even use Real Leather. They are just good at selling and marketing their name !!

So how come our jackets have reasonably lower price tag than other popular brands if they are made with Top Quality Leather ? That's a very Valid Question...and the answer is: We currently do not retail our jackets...meaning there is no middle man who would take his share in selling our jackets. In order to make our jackets affordable we only sell these jackets online almost at the wholesale rates. We do not have any overhead cost and are not spending fortune on marketing. Its a family owned business running by a couple.

At Finest Leathers. We believe that a real leather jacket is an investment to your Closet and therefore you should get Return on your Investment by making sure that it gives you the pleasure and comfort every time you wear it. A real leather jacket will mold to your body and gives a unique look as it gets older. It is durable and should last longer or even lifetime.

As a matter of fact, when pondering upon buying a new leather jacket, one should ask himself , how much you can afford to pay every pay check instead of how much should a leather jacket cost. Because, honestly, you dont buy leather jacket every season. Therefore, we have partnered with KLARNA so our customers can split their cost over 4 easy installments without any extra charges. Simply choose Klarna when checking out and we will take care of the rest.

So, say NO to faux leather jacket when you can actually afford to buy a REAL Leather Jacket now. And we really mean it !

This is what we call a Real Leather Revolution



  • Aneeta

    Poor man can also buy a leather jacket. We have lots of sample jackets on clearance in our store. Please indicate how much is your budget and I may be able to pick one for you.

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    Thank you for providing eye opening article thank you for sharing its really informative article…

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  • Aneeta

    Dear Robert,

    Poor man can definitely buy a leather jacket. Our brand core objective is to make everyone happy by offering good quality leather jackets at a very reasonable cost. If your budget doesnt allow, we have partnered with Klarna by which you can break your cost to 4 biweekly payments without incurring any charges or credit check. Plus if you are student we give 20% discount if a valid student ID can be shown. Just email us to our address above and we would be happy to help.

    Customer Care
    Finest Leathers

  • Robert Tevepaugh

    Where can a poor man purchase a good quality leather jacket or a used one

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