Gasoline | Quilted Bikers Leather Jacket Review

In this new episode of our Blog, Tabatha Dean, a famous fashion blogger shares her reviews about our Most Authentic Bikers Leather Jacket "Gasoline - Rose Gold Edition"

Tabatha Dean
MARCH 29, 2019


I cannot remember the last time I wrote a product review on my blog. But I have been getting back into being an influencer and am hoping to make it habit, especially now that I’m trying to buy more quality pieces. Since getting into my personal style blog, I have had my share of faux leather biker jackets. But in the past three months, I have gone from no genuine leather jackets to three. I have to say that having the real deal has made such a difference in my personal wardrobe. The review in this post is for Finest Leather’s gasoline jacket in rose gold. I have been wearing it for a couple of weeks to really get the feel for it and gather all of the info I need for this post....Click here to continue..

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