Do You Wear a Motorcycle Jacket in Summer?

As summer's warmth warms your face and air tickles your locks, motorcycle enthusiasts rejoice - riding season has finally begun! But, Do You Wear a Motorcycle Jacket in Summer? Even though wearing leather in hot months might evoke memories of long rides in extreme heat, countless riders swear by them even during these scorcher months.

FinestLeathers specializes in exquisite leather apparel. Our goal is to dispel such assumptions while explaining why summer-ready motorcycle jackets make great riding companions!

Comfort Follows Suit: Leather is King

Let's be frank—safety should never take the backseat in any season, regardless of weather. Even minor spills in the summer heat can result in significant road rash. Leather provides unrivaled abrasion protection, providing critical defense against cuts and burns when accidents do occur. Unlike textiles, which melt upon impact or tear apart upon contact, leather also retains its integrity over time to reduce injuries as you ride along.

Conquering the Heat: Essential Features for an Enlightening Ride

Breathability should always come first when searching for summer motorcycle jackets. It must provide protection without turning into an overheated mobile sauna. Here are a few key features you should keep in mind to achieve maximum comfort:

  • Mesh Panels: When shopping for jackets with strategically positioned mesh inserts on the chest, back, and arms for optimal ventilation purposes, look out for ones featuring panels in all three areas to provide continuous airflow that keeps you feeling refreshed during workouts! This ensures continuous energy to power through!
  • Removable Thermal Liners: Jackets that feature removable thermal liners allow you to adapt easily to varying temperatures by simply removing or adding in layers when desired, for improved breathability in summer and cold weather.
  • Moisture-Wicking Interior: Moisture-wicking fabric helps draw sweat away from your body, ensuring an ideal riding experience on extended rides.
  • Venting Systems: For optimal temperature regulation, look for jackets equipped with adjustable vents. These vents enable you to manage airflow efficiently, effectively controlling temperatures.

Consider options with moisture-wicking interiors to reduce sweat accumulation, and venting systems for enhanced airflow control. FinestLeathers can help you find your ideal summer motorcycle jacket to create the most enjoyable summer rides yet! 

Finding Your Ideal Fit: Ensuring Cool Comfort

Safety and comfort are of equal importance; loose jackets risk bunching up in the wind while tight ones impede airflow and movement. Here's how you can find your summer motorcycle jacket's ideal fit:

  • Consider Sizing Adjustments: Given that summer jackets tend to be used over lighter clothing layers, consider downsizing from your typical jacket size according to how often and in which layers you plan on layering up.
  • Comfortably Snug: Your jacket should hug snugly around you without impeding movement; ensure that elbows and shoulders can freely bend without restriction.
  • Armor Align: Once all removable armor pieces have been properly fitted (if applicable), ensure the jacket doesn't ride up or bunch when in your riding posture.

Beyond the Burn: The Advantages of Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Though feeling the breeze against your skin may tempt you, compromising safety for comfort when riding is never advised. Summer doesn't require ditching leathers altogether! Here are some unexpected advantages to wearing one:

1. Unwavering Safety

Safety should always remain top of mind. Leather provides unrivaled abrasion resistance, serving as an indispensable defense against burns in case of falls and slides. Unlike textiles which tend to tear or melt under impact, leather maintains its integrity to reduce injuries as much as possible.

2. Beat the Heat

Summer jackets use lightweight full-grain leather for breathability, mesh panels for increased ventilation, and removable thermal liners to adapt to varying temperature fluctuations.

3. Sun Shielding

Sunburn can be an imminent risk when riding long excursions in direct sunlight. Many summer jackets include SPF/UV protection features to offer extra defense from harmful sun rays.

4. Comfort in Motion

Moisture-wicking interiors quickly and effectively remove sweat from your body for an optimal riding experience. Adjustable venting systems offer enhanced airflow control, allowing you to customize the jacket according to your personal comfort preferences.

5. Style and Safety Are Harmonised

The appropriate jacket can ensure maximum protection during any crash and enhance comfort by eliminating bunching or restricting movement. Be on the lookout for jackets that provide a snug yet flexible fitting to maximize freedom while riding.

6. Beyond Protection

Summer jackets come equipped with storage pockets designed for holding keys, wallets or phone mounts - thus creating an easier, cooler riding experience without the bulkiness and weight of carrying an actual pack!

Style in Motion: Summer-Ready Leathers for Every Rider

Gone are the days of bulky leather jackets; today's summer motorcycle jackets offer an abundance of styles to reflect an individual rider's personal aesthetic. From classic cafe racers to sleek sport touring designs, they offer both protection and panache to keep riders on two wheels looking their best!

  • Are You Seeking Timeless Elegance? Opt For A Classic Moto Style Leather Jacket. Its sleek lines and understated design exude timeless appeal, transcending all trends.
  • Are you seeking an attractive jacket that exudes sporty flair? Opt for designs featuring aerodynamic attributes to boost aerodynamic efficiency and reduce drag.
  • Assuming long journeys? A touring jacket featuring multiple storage pockets and an accommodating fit may provide necessary comfort during extended rides.

Is a Real Leather Jacket Worth It for Summer Riding?

Undoubtedly, yes! Textile jackets serve a purpose; however, leather jackets provide remarkable summer protection, breathability, and timeless elegance. Proper care of genuine leather jackets ensures they will continue to provide years of riding enjoyment—it's truly an investment worth making in terms of both safety and riding enjoyment! 

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Defy common misconceptions and embrace summer with style by choosing one of FinestLeather's summer motorcycle jackets! Browse our collection today and find your ideal riding partner!

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