Brand Story

Our Story is Simple yet unique ! 

Growing up in a middle class family in my teens, I was naturally attracted towards the luxuries that others had.  Magnificent Houses and Glittering Cars – those were one of the few things I wanted to own.

I still remember it was Year 1991 when the historical movie of all times, Terminator 2 was launched. For those who have watched this movie they cannot resist how cool A. Schwarzenegger looked wearing distressed black double-breasted Leather Jacket driving through the streets of New York. I just fell in love with that leather jacket. As I stepped out of movie theater, I soon started looking for that jacket.

After a week of hunting, I had finally found this jacket in one of the local shopping malls. This black Real Leather Jacket looked so stunning and stylish on the mannequin that I was willing to pay whatever I had. My dream was just going to be true and my eyes were filled with joy. As I was just about to try this jacket, the price tag just caught all my attention.  I was shocked ! I was heartbroken when I realized that it was way higher than my entire month's pocket money…It was just too expensive and beyond my reach. All my dreams were shattered and my eyes were filled with tears.

I returned to my home but I didn’t give up. I started looking for other options. After weeks of hunting again, I finally decided to buy Faux Leather Jacket for one fourth of the price of same style Leather Jacket and thought nobody would notice the difference of faux vs real leather.

The story is not over yet! Soon I realized that this was the biggest mistake I had ever made. The faux leather jacket did not have the same feeling and satisfaction that I was wishing for. I was never happy with the fake leather jacket. After a while, the synthetic leather started to deteriorate and I had wasted the tiny sum of money I paid for that jacket. (We don’t recommend that)

That is when the idea of starting my own brand emerged but I knew nothing about the leather industry - yet I had a plan!

After graduation, I started working in a Leather Tannery where I was responsible for the maintenance of equipments and machineries. Alongside my regular job, I learned all the processes involved in finishing leather from animal hide and established excellent relationships with manufacturers. After few years of hardwork I was ready to put all my knowledge in starting my own brand…

A rebel was born.

Finest Leathers was then founded with a very transparent objective: to offer Real Leather Jackets at a revolutionary price without compromising on the quality, so everyone can enjoy wearing Real Leather Jackets.

Designing Apparel in our basement, working closely with experienced artisans and engaging directly with customers without any middleman, we’re able to provide better quality, stylish real leather jackets at a fraction of trending price without leaving your wallets bare.

Each design is created with precise measurements and handcrafted carefully with the years of experience. In fact, each of our products is handcrafted with almost fifty years’ leather and knitwear expertise and shipped directly to our store.

We want to bring happiness into everyone’s lives – from students to professionals – by providing jackets made with soft and buttery Real Leather at revolutionary price.

This is what we call a Real Leather Revolution.